BERM Radon Monitor


NUMCA-BERM is an economic, DIY, easily built Radon monitor.

It measures the concentration of radioactive Radon in the air, which can cause health issues. It is easy and cheap to build. The sensor is based on an old design. Monitors and displays data through a built-in USB soundcard connected to a computer. Its accuracy is comparable to that of a €14,000 lab-grade instrument. 
Tested and Laboratory-Calibrated.

  • BERM = Beverage can Enviromental Radon Monitor
  • Ionization chamber made of Aluminum Beverage (beer, soda) can
  • 500 Volts from a disposable camera flash circuit
  • USB connectivity (USB sound-card onboard)
  • Costs about 30€
  • Great accuracy, compared to a 14,000€ lab instrument (AlphaGUARD ®)
  • Tested and Calibrated at NTUA as part of my MSc.
Build your Own 

Check links for detailed instructions.

Calibration Factor =
5.5±0.6 Bqm-3/(Counts per 10min)

Measurements should run for at least 60 mins.

Email me for the software.