Icarus ONE


Icarus ONE is a USB gaming controller, which is designed especially for flight simulation games.

Its purpose is to provide a desktop flight console, containing the most useful controls of a real-life flight deck, in a cockpit-like design. It offers 8 analog axes and 27 digital buttons, plus illuminated buttons and LED backlight.

  • USB connectivity (Plug'n'play in Windows as Game Controller)
  • 8 Analog axes with 10-bit (1023 steps) precision
  • 27 buttons
  • 5 red illuminated buttons
  • LED backlight
  • Eject button using a lockable emergency stop mushroom button
  • P-38 laser-engraved plane on Trim Panel
  • Nickname laser-engraved on the front of the console
Build your Own 

If you are interested in having one built for you, contact me through email.
The building cost and the building time depend on the customization of the console.